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 14-40952  Solarix Bottle
                                                    BPA-free, with rPET body made from recycled
                                                    plastic to encourage the reuse of plastic
                  14-38186  Moltex Bottle          waste and contribute to the sustainability
                   Reduce single use plastic waste with this   of the planet. With screw cap in Bamboo    14-43688  Avira Atik RCS Recycled PET Bottle
                   sustainable bamboo / stainless steel 500ml   and presented in an individual box with an   500ml capacity. The body of the bottle is made
                   bottle supplied with screw on cap for keeping   attractive eco design.  from 100% RCS certified rPET and recycled PP.
                   germs at bay. Versatile, reusable flask keeps   Size: 208 x 72mm  RCS certification ensures a completely certified
                   drinks hot for 9 hours or cold for 24 hours.    Print area: 180 x 110mm  supply chain of the recycled materials. This
                   Individually packaged in a recyclable box.                        product is for cold drinks only. Total recycled
                                                    Colours:                        content: 98% based on total item weight. BPA
                   Size: 245 x 69mm                 Guide Price:  100  £6.09         free. Capacity 500ml. Including FSC® certified
                   Print area: 20 x 125mm
                                                                                     kraft packaging.
                   Colours:   
                                                                                     Size: 203 x 70mm diameter
                   Guide Price:  50  £16.20                                          Print area: 221 x 110mm
                                                                                     Colours:   
                                                                                     Guide Price:  100  £11.95

                                                                                14-43621  Bjorn 360ml Stainless Steel Mug
                                                                                 The Bjorn mug is made with RCS certified
                                                                                 recycled stainless steel and the handle is made
                                                                                 of responsibly sourced beech wood. The copper
                                                                                 vacuum insulation in the mug helps to keep
                                                                                 drinks at their ideal temperature for a long period
                                                                                 of time. Capacity: 360 ml. BPA free.
                                                                                 Size: 85 x 90mm diameter
                                                                                 Print area: 30 x 50mm
                                                                                 Colours:   
                                                                                 Guide Price:  50  £13.49

                  14-38103  Bio 500ml Finger Grip Bottle
                   The Bio Bottle is recyclable. It's special
                   because unlike other plastics it breaks
                   down much faster. Once disposed of, in
                   a few years it becomes food for microbes
                   leaving behind no microplastic.
                   Size: 140 x 89mm            14-38102  Bio Universal Tumbler
                   Print area: 140 x 75mm       The Bio Universal is recyclable. It's special
                   Colours:                    because unlike other plastics it breaks
                   Guide Price:  100  £2.14     down much faster. Once disposed of, in
                                                a few years it becomes food for microbes    14-38101  Eco 500ml Finger Grip Bottle
                                                leaving behind no microplastic. The   This environmentally friendly Eco bottle
                                                Pantone of the lid and tumbler is 7499C.  is made from 100% reclaimed food grade
                                                Size: 155 x 90mm diameter          material that has been saved.
                                                Print area: 240 x 80mm             Size: 140 x 89mm
                                                Colours:                          Print area: 140 x 75mm
                                                Guide Price:  100  £3.58           Colours:   
                                                                                   Guide Price:  100  £2.14

     14            Unless stated, prices include personalisation in one colour, one position. Origination, carriage and VAT are extra.
                         Please contact our sales team for an up to date and accurate quotation on your chosen products.
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