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 10-42638  Arena Powerbank
                                                     Power bank 4000 mAh in Bamboo casing.    10-43206  Bamboo Power Bank
                                                     Capacity for smartphone use, output   Large capacity 4000mAh power bank in a
                                                     current DC5V/1A. Includes indicating   bamboo casing for an executive, eco look.
                                                     light and USB cable with micro USB plug.   Perfect for festival goers, all day events, on-
                                                     Includes Type C connector.       the-go executives and commuters
                                                     Size: 115 x 70 x 120mm           Size: 120 x 70 x 12mm
                   10-43210  Riven Wireless Charger  Print area: 25 x 40mm           Print area: 95 x 60mm
                    The charger has a TYPE-C input port and   Colours:               Colours:   
                    is supplied with a 30cm USB to TYPE-C   Guide Price:  50  £15.25   Guide Price:  50  £12.32
                    charging cable. Will charge most QI
                    enabled devices.
                    Size: 9 x 90mm diameter
                    Print area: 85mm diameter
                    Colours:   
                    Guide Price:  50  £7.62

                                                    10-43221  Round Bamboo and Wheat Straw    10-43288  Wireless Bamboo Phone Stand
                                                    Charger Keyring                 Simply connect the stand to a power source,
                                                    Comes with a split ring attachment to easily   place your phone on and voila! It will charge.
                 10-43213  3 in 1 Cork Charging Cable  attach to your keys so you never have to be   With an LED indicator light to show when
                  1.2 metre length cork cable with a wheat covered   caught short again, the perfect promo gift for   powered up and a stylish natural looking base,
                                                    those on the road. Features type C connector,
                                                                                    this is the perfect tech promo. Individually
                  USB connection and a 3-in-1 type C connector, 5   5 pin connector (iPhone) and micro USB   packed in cardboard box with micro-USB
                  pin connector (iPhone) and micro USB (android)   (android) connector with wheat straw cables.  connection cable and user instruction manual.
                  connector. Charge multiple appliances at once
                  with the convenience of carrying one charger.  Size: 218 x 40 x 10mm  Size: 70 x 75 x 115mm
                  Size: 120 x 35 x 10mm             Print area: 35mm diameter       Print area: 55 x 40mm
                  Print area: 28mm diameter         Colours:                       Colours:   
                  Colours:                         Guide Price:  50  £4.70         Guide Price:  50  £14.05
                  Guide Price:  50  £5.57

                                                                                  10-38225  Mott Desk Organiser
                                                                                   Bamboo and ABS office organizer. With
                                                  10-39818  Naka 5W Wheat Straw Wireless   wireless charger, USB hub and phone holder.
                   10-43533  Power Wireless Charger  Charging Pad                 5V and 1.5A input. Maximum output power of
                    Bamboo Wireless charger. 5V/2A input and   5W wireless charging pad made of wheat   5W. 1 USB port and 1 USB type C port. Includes
                    maximum output power of 5W. Includes a 1m   straw plastic material mixed together,   90 cm USB/type C charging cable. Compatible
                    USB/micro USB cable for charging. Compatible   reducing the amount of plastic needed. To   with smartphones with wireless charging
                    with smartphones with wireless charging   charge a device without wireless technology,   technology. Supplied in a kraft paper gift box.
                    technology. Supplied in a kraft paper gift box.  an external wireless charging receiver or   Size: 255 x 135 x 14mm
                    Size: 92 x 92 x 9mm            receiver case is required.      Print area: 100 x 50mm
                    Print area: 70  x 70mm
                                                   Size: 10 x 69mm diameter        Colours:   
                    Colours:                      Print area: 228 x 73mm          Guide Price:  100  £16.25
                    Guide Price:  100  £8.25       Colours:   
                                                   Guide Price:  100  £5.90

     10            Unless stated, prices include personalisation in one colour, one position. Origination, carriage and VAT are extra.
                         Please contact our sales team for an up to date and accurate quotation on your chosen products.
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