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 4-43519  Medium Standard Seedsticks - Kraft
                                                Seedsticks can be printed full colour, inside and
                                                out, using veg and soy inks on FSC certified paper.    4-42235  Small Standard Seedsticks
                                                The product is Made in Britain. Certified with a   Seedsticks can be printed full colour, inside and
                                                wide range of flower, vegetable, herb and tree
                                                seeds available. Tear it, plant it and watch it grow.  out, using veg and soy inks on FSC certified
                                                                                  paper. The product is Made in Britain, certified
                                                Size: 75 x 46mm                   with a wide range of flower, vegetable, herb
                  4-43522  Matchbox Seedsticks  Print area: 75 x 46mm            and tree seeds available.
                   Easy to grow Seedsticks supplied in a   Guide Price:  250  £3.85   Size: 38 x 46mm
                   matchbox offering the perfect branding                         Print area: 38 x 46mm
                   opportunity. Choose from any of our
                   set of wildflower mixes, or create a                           Guide Price:  250  £3.25
                   combination. Printed full colour label
                   which covers the top and one side.
                   Size: 55 x 36 x 16mm
                   Print area: 50 x 50mm
                   Guide Price:  250  £1.95   SEED & PLANT
                                              PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS

                                              A range of products that boost
                                              brand eco-credentials & care for our
                                              environment; all fully customisable with
                                              any branding and complete with a choice
                                              of seeds/or plants to suit any campaign.
                                                                                       4-40621  Small Seed Packets - Gloss
                                                                                       Full colour customisation (front and back),
                                                                                       gloss, sealed to all sides, with flower,
                                                                                       vegetable, herb or tree seeds.
                                4-40618  Sprout Pencil
                                 These can be used as a standard pencil and when you   Size: 55 x 55mm
                                                                                       Print area: 55 x 55mm
                                 are done, just plant them and watch them grow! Made of
                                 sustainably harvested wood and contain no lead - only a   Guide Price:  1000  £1.15
                                 graphite writing core. Engraved with your logo and bulk
                                 packed as standard. Supplied unsharpened.
                                 Size: 185 x 7mm
                                 Print area: 100 x 5mm
                                 Colours:   
                                 Guide Price:  250  £3.15

                                                     4-43520  Seeded Paper Lanyards
                                                      Made with seed paper, these green
                                                      promotions leave a lasting impression and
                                                      will help a brand stand out from the pack.    4-43521  Bamboo Pot Gardens
                                                      Standard is white paper embedded with
                                                      wildflower seed, printed one side full colour,   Fully customised wrap inside and out (82 x
                                                      up to 50% coverage per side. With carabiner.   75 x 53mm), Bamboo pot (82mm), x 3 coir
                                                      80gsm paper thickness.          pellet, seedsticks, with flower, vegetable,
                  4-43523  Essential Desktop Cube Gardens                            herb or tree seeds. The bamboo fibre and
                                                      Size: 900 x 20mm                vegetable dyes are biodegradable and will
                   Beautifully pre-printed grow kit, with a choice   Print area: on request
                   of wildflower or herb seeds. Add your logo/  Guide Price:  250  £4.45   break down rapidly in landfill.
                   branding onto a gloss sticker 35 x 35mm circle                     Size: 75 x 75 x 75mm
                   stickers to the side of the cube (x2), and 35 x                    Print area: 67 x 296mm
                   35mm square sticker to the sleeve, making it a                     Colours:   
                   great sustainable promotional product.
                                                                                      Guide Price:  250  £8.50
                   Size: 75 x 75 x 75mm
                   Print area: 35 x 35mm
                   Guide Price:  100  £9.75

      4            Unless stated, prices include personalisation in one colour, one position. Origination, carriage and VAT are extra.
                         Please contact our sales team for an up to date and accurate quotation on your chosen products.
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