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 7-42185  Recycled Paper Playing Cards
                Recycled paper playing cards in a recycled cardboard box.                                           ENVIRONMENTAL
                Size: 60 x 09 x 20mm                                      7-43219  UK rPET Lanyard
                Print area: 50 x 35mm                                     White rPET lanyard with full colour dye
                Colours:                                                 sublimation design to one or both sides.
                                                                          The lanyard is fully customisable with tonal,
                Guide Price:  500  £0.98
                                                                          graduated dye sublimation available to show
                                                                          the finer detail in your design. Price includes a
                                                                          full colour print to both sides. (same design)
                                                                          Size: 900 x 20mm
                                                                          Print area: 900 x 20mm
                                                                          Colours:   
                                                                          Guide Price:  50  £1.84

                                             7-35541  Wooden Yo-Yo
                                              Made from cotton and pine wood.
                                              Size: 53 x 27mm
              7-41562  Bamboo Foot Massager  Print area: 30mm diameter
              Foot massage roller made of bamboo   Colours:   
              featuring 3 rows of massage rods. The
              bamboo used is sourced and produced   Guide Price:  500  £0.70
              following sustainable standards.
              Size: 154 x 46 x 120mm
              Print area: 70 x 30mm                                         7-41544  Bamboo Pocket Mirror
              Colours:                                                      Compact pocket bamboo mirror for travel
              Guide Price:  50  £9.60                                        or daily skincare or makeup use. The
                                                                             bamboo used is sourced and produced
                                                                             following sustainable standards.
                                                                             Size: 24 x 69mm
                                                                             Print area: 40 x 40mm
                                                                             Colours:   
                                                                             Guide Price:  50  £5.20

                                              7-42305  Lastrow Holder
               7-42238  Bamboo Phone Stands
                UK manufactured, sustainably sourced   Holder for mobile device of nature line.    7-40258  Wooden Coaster
                                               Made of wheat straw/PP, in order to
                bamboo phone stand. Available in a   encourage the use of natural raw materials
                geometric or curved shape. Full colour   and reduce polluting emissions. Folding   Square or round options. Printed on face.
                print or laser engraved to the front surface   legs with non-slip PVC stops, specially   Size: 100mm diameter or 100mm square
                only. Satin wood oil finish. Supplied   designed for pad printing.  Print area: 100mm diameter or square
                unassembled.                                                   Colours:   
                Size: 84 x 188mm               Size: 85 x 30 x 85mm            Guide Price:  500  £1.55
                                               Print area: 40 x 22mm
                Print area: face
                                               Colours:   
                Colours:   
                Guide Price:  25  £5.15        Guide Price:  1000  £0.95

         Unless stated, prices include personalisation in one colour, one position. Origination, carriage and VAT are extra.  7
                Please contact our sales team for an up to date and accurate quotation on your chosen products.
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